HiPERCAM pipeline news

This page documents important changes in the pipeline, as a help to whether you should update. I have revised how I list updates here and from now on intend just to add new items when the first or second number in the version changes, hence I have scrubbed old items (full lists of past changes can be seen on github in any case). NB the version of these docs may reflect a development version subsequent to the most recent release and hence will appear to be one click on.

  1. Updates since 1.2.0: patches released since the most recent minor version update.

  2. 29 March 2022, Version 1.2.0: many minor upgrades and fixes

    • pbands introduced to help make summary plots during observing

    • exploss to help judge the importance of readnoise on a run

    • ncal routine for noise calibration

    • logsearch database search routine working OK.

    Full list of changes, 1.1.0 to 1.2.0

  3. 04 June 2021, Version 1.1.0: over-haul of genred, hpackage, WCS in joinup

    • genred simplified but made more configurable by allowing one to define most parameters via a previously edited template reduce file

    • hpackage new command for bundling up standard reduce products

    • joinup use telescope pointing data for HiPERCAM+GTC to add a WCS.

    • improved handling of cleanup of temporary files

    • nrtplot and joinup both now include dark and fringe subtraction.

    • joinup can generate ds9 “region” files from HiPERCAM aperture files

    Full list of changes, 1.0.0 to 1.1.0.

  4. 25 May 2021, Version 1.0.0: fringe-correction added

    • fringe correction added to nrtplot, grab, averun, reduce. Associated new commands makefringe and setfringe added. Initial z-band fringe map for HiPERCAM created (for more see fringing and fringing files)

    • nrtplot improved responsiveness by updating plots while-u-wait. This uses a hidden parameter tupdate that might require tuning a little according to the connection, although it may turn out not to matter.

    • more synchronisation of default output names with inputs (makeflat, makebias, setaper)

    • makemovie for movie stills added.

    • joinup to export joined up frames added.

    • rtplot bug fix that was causing problem with percentile scalings with small windows.

    Full list of changes, 0.22.0 to 1.0.0.

  5. 05 May 2021, Version 0.22.0: matplotlib-based real time image plotter introduced

    • nrtplot, matplotlib-based version of rtplot. Allows panning and zooming during the plots, choice of colour map, and profile fits from multiple CCDs.

    • setaper, hplot, setdefect also now support colour maps

    • averun output name now synchronised with input

    • new environment variable HIPERCAM_DEFAULT_SOURCE introduced

    • makebias output name synchronised with input

    • lots of minor improvements to logging scripts

    Full list of changes, 0.21.0 to 0.22.0.