Reporting problems

If you encounter problems that you think are to do with the software, then please raise an “issue” on github where all code associated with HiPERCAM is made public. The advantage of this over e-mail is that all messages connected with a given problem are linked together, and it makes it easy to see what remains to be done. Try to make it one issue-per-problem. If you e-mail me, I might well simply respond with “open an issue on github”.

The rules of the game are:

  1. Know which version you are running. Either type pydoc hipercam and scroll to the bottom of the page or type in a terminal:

    python -c 'import hipercam; print(hipercam.version())'
  2. Make sure you are up to date, i.e. compare your version with the version at the top of this page which will be a number like 0.19.9.dev0+g52a7aac.d20200226 or 0.20.1 (the latter means its the version corresponding exactly to release 0.20.1; the former means you are using one developing towards 0.19.9).

  3. Try to narrow down the circumstances under which the problem arises; make sure it’s repeatable. Specify how the problem occurs, cut-and-paste any error messages that are produced.

  4. Be prepared to tar or zip up a set of files (e.g. a reduce file, an aperture file, etc) that cause the issue so I can try to repeat it.