Should you publish any papers using pamela I would appreciate an acknowledgement.

pamela is a package of routines for the reduction of 2D spectrum data to 1D. It does not deal with any subsequent steps such as arc calibration etc. pamela includes full propagation of uncertainties through the reduction. It implements 2 forms of optimal extraction which are Keith Horne's original method for reasonably straight spectra and my revised version for spectra with significant tilts or curvature.

pamela now runs over NDF and uses the ADAM parameter system.

To get pamela running, source the script . You may want to define an alias for this if you use pamela frequently.

Information on pamela

  • Setting up pamela
  • Getting started with pamela
  • Classified list of pamela commands
  • Alphabetically ordered command list
  • Useful general scripts for pamela-based reduction.
  • Example one-off scripts at starters to develop new ones
  • List of bug fixes and upgrades. Replaced as of 20/01/2009 by the change list generated by git.
  • Brief history of pamela
  • How to adjust the parameter prompting

  • Tom Marsh, Warwick.