transform -- works out relative translation and rotation of CCDs

Inside rtplot one can plot the positions of CCD defects, potentially useful during setup. By design all defects are plotted on all CCDs which requires knowledge of relative orientations. This is to allow you to carry out the setup with just one chip. This script gives you this by reading in a suitable aperture file. This is one in which you have identified the same pair of stars on each CCD and have given them the same aperture numbers for each CCD (which are inputs for this routine). The program then loads them in and computes a relative translation, rotation and scale factor. You should of course try to choose well separated stars. The program will report the separation of the two stars in pixels to help you.


input---input aperture file
star1---Aperture number of star 1
star2---Aperture number of star 2
output---Output transformation file


This command is a member of the classes: Observing, Scripts.

Author: T.R.Marsh
Created: 28 June 2004

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