Programs of use during observing.

folderphase folds server data on a specified period
grabgrabs server or local .dat files, writing them as .ucm files
grab2fitsgrabs server files, spits out FITS
grmsgenerates RMS frame
l3gainfits avalanche gain of L3CCD
makebiasmakes a bias frame out of a run
makeflatmakes a series of frames into a flat field.
missbiaslists all runs missing corresponding biases
onelineprints one line of useful info from server or local .dat and .xml files
reducereduces time-series CCD photometry
rtplotrtplots plots server files as they come in
setupworks out position changes for setting up CCDs
sreducereduces time-series spectroscopy
transformworks out the relative translation and rotation of CCDs
uniquelists all the unique formats in a directory of ULTRACAM or ULTRASPEC runs

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