Useful scripts.

addaframeadds a frame to a list of frames
breakupbreaks up large files into smaller pieces
dummyadd a dummy aperture for scattered light correction
extract_timesextracts first 100 times from ultracam files
fmatchfinds matching ULTRACAM files by searching through xml files
grmsgenerates RMS frame
l3gainfits avalanche gain of L3CCD
makebiasmakes a bias frame out of a run
missbiaslists all runs missing corresponding biases
mulaframemultiplies a list of frames by one frame
newreduceupdates old version reduce files
setupworks out position changes for setting up CCDs
splitrsplits multi-aperture reduce files
sumframesadds a list of frames together
transformworks out the relative translation and rotation of CCDs
ucatequivalent of 'cat' for server .xml files
ulsequivalent of 'ls' for server files
ult2ascsimple converter to ASCII
uniquelists all the unique formats in a directory of ULTRACAM or ULTRASPEC runs
updateaperupdates a set of apertures

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