dummy -- add a dummy aperture for scattered light correction

dummy is a script to set the position of a dummy aperture to correct for scattered light from a bright star near a target. An input aperture file must be created with one aperture placed on the main target, and another placed on the bright star. These must be the same ones for each CCD. Then the script will modify the bright star aperture to be a dummy aperture the same distance from the bright star as the target but rotated to a new position. It is up to the user to ensure a rotaation angle that places the dummy in a blank area. Neither the target nor the dummy apertures should be linked in the input file, but after the output file is produced you should use setaper to link the dummy aperture to a real star to prevent any attempt at repositioning it by reduce.


input---input aperture file
output---output aperture file
angle---Angle in degrees to rotate by, anti-clockwise
target---Aperture number of target
dummy---Aperture number of the bright star which will become the dummy aperture number


This command is a member of the class: Scripts.

Author: T.R.Marsh
Created: 28 Jan 2002

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