oneline - prints one line of useful info from server or local .dat and .xml files

oneline provides some basic header info based upon the .xml and .dat files. It prints out the following information: the name of the file, the number of frames, the start and end times, the exposure time (there is bug here for drift mode), the binning factors and window formats.


oneline [source] (url)/(file) [twait tmax]


source---Data source, either 'l' for local or 's' for server. 'Local' means the usual .xml and .dat files accessed directly. Do not add either .xml or .dat to the file name; these are assumed.
url/file---If source='S', this should be the complete URL of the file, e.g. '', or just the file part in which case the program will try to find a default part to add from the environment variable ULTRACAM_DEFAULT_URL. Failing this it will add, i.e. the local host. If source='L', this should just be a plain file name.
twait---Time to wait between attempts to find a new exposure (seconds).
tmax---Maximum time to wait before giving up (seconds). Set = 0 to quit as soon as a frame is not found.


This command is a member of the classes: Information, Observing, Reduction.

Author: T.R. Marsh
Created: 23 Sep 2002

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