doppler overview

The doppler routines are NDF-based routines for carrying out maximum entropy based Doppler tomography.

Here is a short recipe on how to make a map from scratch. Refer to specific help on the various commands for more information.

  1. First write out a molly file containing only the spectra to be used for the map using wdopp . These spectra should cover the line (or lines) that is (are) to be mapped but little more (e.g. if the lines extend to 1700 km/s, then write out data between +/- 1800 km/s or so). All spectra must be on an identical scale with constant velocity/pixel (i.e. use vbin within molly ). You should not include any spectra affected by eclipses, since these are not accounted for in the doppler software. The continuum should have been subtracted and you should have set the phases inside molly. Corrections to these phases are possible later if need be. If there is more than one cycle then it may be advantageous to bin the spectra. Keep sufficient phase resolution to match the spectral resolution. If FWHM spectral resolution = VSPEC, then to match in phase at velocities of 1000 km/s say, the phase resolution must be about 0.00023*VSPEC. So VSPEC = 80km/s then at least 50 phases around an orbit are needed.

  2. Generate a start image with makimg .

  3. Scale the starting image with optscl .

  4. Iterate the image with the routine memit .

  5. and that's it.
Further help:
  • Classes -- a list of loosely defined command categories.
  • Commands -- alphetically ordered list with one line/command.
  • Setup -- how to get hold of and install doppler.

  • Tom Marsh, Warwick