ucm2fits - converts an Ultracam frame to FITS format

ucm2fits reads an Ultracam ".ucm" file or files and writes out an equivalent FITS format file or files. Optionally it can either send all CCDs into a single FITS file or it can split them up into one file per CCD. The headers are written as a binary table in the FITS file.

The FITS files consist of a dummy HDU first followed by one HDU per window, starting from the lower-left window, then the lower-right, then the next pair etc. If all CCDs are in the file, then the windows are first from CCD1, then CCD2, etc. The files can be displayed using 'ds9', and all windows can be displayed using the 'mosaicimage' option which can be invoked from the command line with

ds9 -mosaicimage wcs file.fits
GAIA can do something similar. The final HDU is a FITS binary table with all the ULTRACAM headers.


ucm2fits data split overwrite

Command line arguments

data---The file name or list of file names
split---true/false according to whether you want to create a FITS file for each CCD or not. If true, the files will have _1, _2, _3 added to them to indicate the CCD.
overwrite---true/false according to whether you want to overwrite any pre-existing files or not.

Related routines: grab2fits, fits2ucm


This command is a member of the classes: FITS, IO, Programs.

Author: T.R. Marsh
Created: 04 Feb 2002
Revised: 13 Sep 2002

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