fits2ucm - converts an Ultracam frame to FITS format

fits2ucm reads a FITS file or many FITS files of CCD images and converts it/them to Ultracam format files. Different FITS formats may well require updates to this routine to adjust for different header names. Usually I base these on one or two example frames so they may not be completely general. The times in the headers are corrected to the mid-exposure time as assumed in the ultracam software. The file name is preserved by this routine so that 'abc.fits' for instance becomes 'abc.ucm'

If you want to add another format, please look at the code for instructions.


fits2ucm data format dtype

Command line arguments

data---The file name or list of file names. If it ends with either ".fit", ".fits", ".fts" or ".FIT" it is assumed to be a single fits file, otherwise it is assumed to a list. If you get a message about not opening SIMPLE it is probably thinking a genuine fits file is a list.
format---Format of the FITS data. Choices at the moment are: JKT for the 1m JKT on La Palma, AUX for the WHT's AUX Port, Faulkes for FITS data from the Faulkes telescope, Dolores for the TNG's Dolores, FORS1 for VLT FORS1 data, EFOSC for NTT EFOSC data, SAAO for the UCT camera at SAAO, NOT for NOT ALFOSC data, NOTP for NOT ALFOSC polarimetric data, ATC for the ULTRASPEC multi-image FITS files from Derek Ives, RATCAM RATCAM on the LT RISE for Don Pollacco's camera for the LT, ACAM for the WHT's ACAM replacement for AUX, SOFI for split data from SOFI as produced by Steven Parsons, ST7 for an SBIG ST-7 CCD camera, ST10 for an SBIG ST-10 CCD camera, IAC80 for the IAC80 telescope at Izana, FASTCAM for the Andor iXon DU-897 EMCCD camera used in FASTCAM (on the TCS, NOT, WHT and GRANTECAN), QSI for a QSI532 CCD camera, BUSCA for the Calar Alto BUSCA camera (but only one CCD at a time). See busca2ucm for an attempt to combine the different BUSCA filters. BASIC minimal image only
intout---true for 2-byte integer output, false for floats. If you specify the integer format, ensure that you are not losing precision by so doing.

Related routines: ucm2fits, grab2fits, busca2ucm


This command is a member of the classes: FITS, IO, Programs.

Author: T.R. Marsh
Created: 14 Sep 2002
Revised: 21 Oct 2010

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