IPHAS bright sample with FLWO/FAST

Here you can find the bright IPHAS sources observed with the FLWO 60" telescope and its FAST spectrograph, as selected from the bright-and-clear emission line star list. The extracted spectra are available in IRAF multi-spec FITS format and in an ASCII version similar to the HectoSpec spectra. ASCII files start with a short header followed by the spectral data in multi-column format. First column is wavelength in Angstrom, then net extracted source counts, 1 sigma errors and finally the sky spectrum.

Note that some targets were observed twice, the second observations file has the '_B.dat' extension, any third '_C.dat' etc.

Queue observers: dynamically generated target lists here


Below is a date-sorted table of all observed targets including a link to individual spectra (ASCII) as well as a plot showing the fluxed spectrum (PDF). The list includes original Ha-excess sources (IPHAS_B...), those from the final Witham list (IPHAS_W...) and some UVEX selected targets (IPHAS_U...). For those wanting more, all spectra can also be downloaded at once in a few formats:

TAR archive with all FITS spectra

TAR archive with all ASCII spectra

MOLLY file with all current spectra

TAR archive with PNG format plots for all spectra

TAR archive with PDF format plots for all spectra

Flux calibration

A time-averaged flux calibration is available based on the spectrophotometric Oke standard BD28+4211. Here is a plot showing the flux star spectrum and the response curve. The multiplicative response correction is available to convert from counts to either f_nu in mJy or f_lambda. The plots linked below show the spectra with this time-averaged calibration applied.

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