stats - prints stats of an Ultracam frame

stats prints statistical information for an Ultracam frame, evaluated over a user-defined region as defined by a windows file. The user must also supply a threshold for rejection in order to carry out computation of the mean and RMS after rejection of outliers.


stats image window sigma (median)

Command line arguments

image---Ultracam data file
window---A windows file (e.g. as generated by setwin defining the regions to be evaluated. Each CCD is treated separately. NB this is slight overkill; in particular the binning factors are irrelevant and are best set = 1. If you enter 'ALL', it will generate its own windows matching the full frame.
sigma---Threshold number of sigma for rejecction in evaluating clipped mean and rms
median---true/false to compute the median as well. Switch it off to speed things up if you are not interested in it.


This command is a member of the classes: Information, Programs.

Author: T.R. Marsh
Created: 10 May 2002
Revised: 02 Feb 2005

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