setdefect is for setting up maps of CCD defects

setdefect is an interactive program for defining the position of CCD defects, useful for positioning objects in rtplot. Three types of defects are supported: pixel, line and hot pixel defects. You locate these by clicking with a cursor. For the first two, you will be asked to specify whether a defect is 'moderate' or 'disastrous' -- what you decide here is entirely up to you, but I assume that a 'moderate' defect is one you would prefer to avoid if possible, while a 'disastrous' defect is one to be avoided at all costs. In the case of hot pixels you should take a dark frame and divide through by its exposure time so that the pixels give counts/second. You must click on the precise pixel and then its value will be stored as an indication of severity.


setdefect [device] data newfile defect nccd xleft xright ylow yhigh iset (ilow ihigh)/(plow phigh)

Command line arguments

device---The image display device.
data---Ultracam data file.
newfile---flag to indicate that the aperture file is new.
defect---Defect file (new or old).
nccd---The number of the CCD to set apertures over.
xleft xright---X range to plot
ylow yhigh---Y range to plot
iset---How to set intensity: 'a' for automatic, min to max, 'd' for direct input of range, 'p' for percentiles, probably the most useful option.
ilow ihigh---the intensity range is i1 to i2 if iset='d'
plow phigh---p1 to p2 are percentiles to set the intensity if iset='p'

Interactive options

There are several interactive options, which are as follows:
D---Delete a defect. Place the cursor near to the defect you want to remove and then hit 'D'.
L---Adds a new line defect starting at the cursor position. You will be prompted to indicate the other end of the line too.
F---Display the full frame.
I---Zooms in by a factor 2 around the cursor position.
O---Zooms out by a factor 2 around the cursor position.
P---Adds a new pixel defect at the cursor position.
Q---Quit the program.
S---Shows the value of pixel corresponding to the cursor position (no graphics scaling -- it gives you the true value)
W---Define a window with the cursor which will then be displayed


This command is a member of the class: Programs.

Author: T.R. Marsh
Created: 02 August 2002

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