plot - displays an ultracam image

plot provides some basic display capability to look at Ultracam frames. If you want something better, it would be best to convert to FITS and use 'gaia' or 'ds9'. See also cplot for a version of 'plot' which allows interaction with a cursor.


plot data [device] nccd ([stack]) xleft xright ylow yhigh iset (ilow ihigh)/(plow phigh) [width aspect reverse cheight font lwidth] applot (aperture) [fwhm hwidth readout gain symm beta sigrej onedsrch (fwhm1d hwidth1d) fdevice]

Command line arguments


data---Ultracam data file or a list of Ultracam files. If the program fails to open it as an ultracam file, it will assume that it is a list.

device---Display device

nccd---The particular CCD to display, 0 for the whole lot

stack---Stacking direcion when plotting more than on CCD. Either in 'X' or 'Y'

xleft xright---X range to plot

ylow yhigh---Y range to plot

iset---'A', 'D' or 'P' according to whether you want to set the intensity limits automatically (= min to max), directly or with percentiles.

ilow ihigh---If iset='d', ilow and ihigh specify the intensity range to plot

plow phigh---If iset='p', plow and phigh are percentiles to set the intensity range, e.g. 10, 99

width---Width of plot in inches. 0 for the default width.

aspect---aspectd ratio (y/x) of the plot panel

reverse---true/false to reverse the measuring of black and white.

cheight---Character height, as a multiple of the default

font---Character font, 1-4 PGPLOT fonts

lwidth---Line width, integer multiple of default

applot---true to plot an aperture file.

aperture---If applot, this is the aperture file to plot.


This command is a member of the classes: Display, Programs.

Author: T.R. Marsh
Created: 20 April 2001
Revised: 06 July 2007

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