Arithematical manipulations.

addadds Ultracam frames
addaframeadds a frame to a list of frames
addbadadds new bad pixels to a bad pixel frame
backsubsubtracts the background off an Ultracam frame
badgengenerates bad pixel frames
boxavgaverages an Ultracam frame in boxes
boxmedmedians an Ultracam frame in boxes
bsubsubtracts a frame from multiple Ultracam frames
caddadds constant to an Ultracam frame
cdivdivides an Ultracam frame by a constant
cmulmultiplies Ultracam frames
collapsecollapses Ultracam frames
combinecombines a set of frames using median or clipped mean
cropcrops Ultracam frames
csetsets an Ultracam frame to a constant
csubsubtracts a constant from an Ultracam frame
divdivides Ultracam frames
dsubsubtracts a drak frame from multiple Ultracam frames
expandexpands Ultracam frames
listlists pixels with a specified range of values
makeflatmakes a series of frames into a flat field.
mdivdivides a frame into multiple Ultracam frames
msubsubtracts a frame from multiple Ultracam frames
mulmultiplies Ultracam frames
mulaframemultiplies a list of frames by one frame
subsubtracts Ultracam frames
sumframesadds a list of frames together
usetsets/splices Ultracam frames
windowwindows Ultracam frames

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