AR Sco materials

Here are some materials associated with the AR Sco Nature paper:

  1. Nature online article
  2. Paper or arXiV
  3. Mark Garlick's artist impression (JPEG)
  4. Optical light curve superposed on Herschel image (PDF). The star forming region rho Ophiuci is the dominant nebulosity of this image taken at 500 microns in the far infrared.
  5. Herschel image alone with Right Ascension and Declination indicated. Again at a wavelength of 500 microns.
  6. University of Warwick press release
  7. ESO press release
  8. Brightness animation (4.1MB AVI file). Lasts 2 minutes but covers 240 mins of AR Sco at 120x real speed. Shows advancing 20 minute section of the flux to show the pulses, plus 240 min section (a bit more than one orbit) that accumulates, along with postage stamp images to illustrate how the star would appear visually.
  9. youtube version probably more generally accessible.
  10. AR Sco, Director's Cut (15MB AVI file). Lasts 5 minutes and covers 340 mins of AR Sco at 78x real speed.
  11. E-ELT version of AR Sco artist video

If you want to know more or are interested in collaborating in an observing campaign on this amazing star, please contact me (see bottom of my home page for how).


The AR Sco story was picked up a fair bit; here are a very few selected examples:

  1. Astronomy Now
  2. EarthSky
  3. Coventry Telegraph
  4. Mail online
  5. Canberra Times
  6. Sydney Morning Herald
  7. De Standaard
  8. Krone