This page is no longer updated. For the latest releases and lightcurves, please go to the K2 varcat page at MAST

Catalogue v2 currently contains data from the K2 Campaign 0 and Campaign 1 missions only. Please see this arxiv release for more detail. The catalogue is also available as a csv file.

Field descriptions

Epic catalogue identifier. Click on the ID to get to the detail page showing the raw, detrended and phase folded lightcurves, along with a link to download the detrended photometry as a fits file.
Classification, EB: Eclipsing binary, AP: Aperiodic (or period to long to be identified), QP: Quasiperiodic (period and/or amplitude changes), P: Strictly sinusoidal periodic.
Range (%)
Maximum to Minimum range of binned lightcurve. Percentage is relative to the median flux level.
Period (d)
Periodogram peak. Zero for Aperiodic systems.
Amplitude (%)
For EBs, this is the eclipse depth. Otherwise: the semi-amplitude of lightcurve phase folded and binned at stated period. Percentage is relative to the median flux level. Zero for Aperiodic systems.
Proposal Information
If object is from a variable star related proposal: Proposal Number, and variable star type in brackets.

Page updates

Release of campaign 1 objects, and EBs in both campaign 0 and 1
Added object detail pages with detrended lightcurve download links
Initial catalogue release
45% Complete